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The Real Estate Roundtable is ...

The Real Estate Roundtable is made up of senior principals from America's top public and privately owned real estate entities, across every segment of the commercial real estate industry, who are committed to advocating sound, asset-related policies that affect the growth and prosperity of our industry and our nation.  Members of The Real Estate Roundtable work closely with Washington lawmakers and regulators to produce meaningful results on key national issues in the tax, capital and credit, environmental and energy, and homeland security policy arenas that affect the industry.

For the commercial real estate industry to be truly effective in Washington, cross-organizational consensus and coordination among various national real estate trade associations around shared policy initiatives and priorities is vital.  Through The Real Estate Roundtable, the industry can present a unified, effective front on those issues where there is broad agreement, without affecting any individual trade association's ability to pursue its own policy agenda.

Membership is by invitation only.  For consideration, call The Real Estate Roundtable staff in Washington, DC at 202-639-8400 or send an e-mail to

Membership of The Real Estate Roundtable

The Real Estate Roundtable consists of those chairmen, chief executive officers, presidents and managing directors (or their functional equivalent) who head significant national entities and who play a leadership role within the overall income-producing real estate industry. These executives represent a broad cross-section of income-producing real estate across the U.S. — public and privately held company owners, developers, managers, commercial bankers, investment bankers, insurance company investors and opportunity funds. The Roundtable also includes the elected heads of the top real estate trade associations. By including these elected association leaders and pursuing a common agenda with these groups, the Roundtable helps ensure a more cohesive industry voice is heard by government officials and the public about the real estate industry and its important role in the global economy.

Collectively, Roundtable members hold portfolios containing over 5 billion square feet of office, retail and industrial properties valued at more than $1 trillion; over 1.5 million apartment units; and in excess of 1.3 million hotel rooms.  Participating trade associations represent more than 1.5 million people involved in virtually every aspect of the real estate business. 

There are two tiers of membership — Roundtable members and President's Council members. Each group is limited to 100 invited members.  More questions and answers about membership follow our membership chart (click here to enlarge graphic).


Membership Categories: 
Roundtable and President's Council 

The Roundtable is open only to chairmen, CEOs, presidents, managing directors (or their functional equivalent) of national, market-leading real estate entities, and to the elected heads of major real estate trade associations.   The Roundtable sets the overall policy direction for the organization and emphasizes coordination of advocacy strategies with the major real estate trade associations.

The President's Council is comprised of individuals from leading real estate ownership, financial, management and advisory entities that are generally more regional in scope. The President's Council focuses on analyzing specific policy issues generally affecting the economy and the real estate business, and developing recommendations for action.

Roundtable members are invited to attend all four meetings that are held per year in Washington, DC.  President's Council members are eligible to attend two meetings per year that are open to the entire membership — the State of the Industry and Annual Meetings.

How To Participate in The Real Estate Roundtable


Roundtable and President's Council members are eligible to attend certain membership meetings attended by the industry's top-level executives and the nation's policymakers.


All members can participate directly or designate representatives from their companies to participate in Roundtable committees and task forces, which identify, analyze and advocate policy positions related to specific issue areas affecting the real estate community:

  • Tax Policy Advisory Committee (TPAC)
  • Sustainability Policy Advisory Committee (SPAC)
  • Real Estate Capital Policy Advisory Committee (RECPAC)
  • Homeland Security Task Force (HSTF)
  • Research Committee

Industry News:

Keep up-to-date on the latest news and policy developments affecting the industry by receiving a weekly eNewsletter emailed directly to you. In addition to Roundtable Weekly you will also receive other publications such as our Policy Agenda and Annual Report.  Our website's members-only area also contains updated committee and membership rosters, meeting schedules, registration forms and special research reports.

How do I apply for membership?

Membership is invitation only.  The Board of Directors reviews nominations and extends invitations to prospective candidates to join.  For consideration, call The Real Estate Roundtable staff in Washington, DC at 202-639-8400 or send an e-mail to

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