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Jeffrey DeBoer RER x145

Jeffrey D. DeBoer
President & Chief Executive Officer

• Policy Strategy Development and Implementation 

Duane Desiderio x145 Duane Desiderio 

Senior Vice President & Counsel (bio)
• Sustainability
nergy & Climate Change Policy
• Infrastructure and Land Use

 Ryan McCormick x145 Ryan McCormick 

Senior Vice President & Counsel

• Tax Policy

Chip Rodgers x145jpg

Clifton E. (Chip) Rodgers, Jr.

Senior Vice President
Executive Director, Real Estate ISAC

• Capital and Credit /  Research
• Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness 

 Scott x145

 Scott Sherwood

Vice President, Communications
• Media Contact

  Nancy Pitcher x145

Nancy G. Pitcher

Director of Administration 

  Michelle Reid x145

Michelle M. Reid 

Meetings Director &
Executive Assistant

  Liz Hoopes x145

Elizabeth Hoopes 

Director, Information Systems  

 Abby Grenadier x145

Abigail Grenadier

Staff Assistant 

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