NEWS: The Real Estate Roundtable Calls on Policymakers to Pass the Bipartisan Infrastructure Agreement

  • July 29, 2021
The following statement by Real Estate Roundtable President and CEO Jeffrey DeBoer was issued on July 29:

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) — “The Real Estate Roundtable strongly supports the bipartisan agreement on infrastructure reached by the White House and Senators this week – and we applaud the continued hard work of policymakers to work across the aisle to create legislation that will revitalize our economy and keep us globally competitive.  

The trillion-dollar+ infrastructure package is a positive, historic step forward. We look forward to its enactment and the well-paying jobs it will create, the economic growth it will spur on, and how it will benefit our long-term national competitiveness and productivity.  

We urge the Senate and House to pass bipartisan infrastructure legislation and send it to President Biden for his signature as soon as possible. 

Such a large-scale, comprehensive infrastructure policy will usher in the next generation of transformational change affecting America’s communities and citizens – much as our past national infrastructure efforts sparked historic innovations in transit systems, consumer conveniences and economic development.

The Roundtable looks forward to working with lawmakers and our national real estate organization partners as this package is transformed into legislation, passed by Congress, and followed by future bills that help the workforce, families and communities succeed and thrive,” DeBoer added.

The Real Estate Roundtable brings together leaders of the nation’s top publicly-held and privately-owned real estate ownership, development, lending and management firms with the leaders of major national real estate trade associations to jointly address key national policy issues relating to real estate and the overall economy.

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