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Coalition Addresses Policymakers and  Administration on America’s Housing Affordability Crisis

August 10, 2021

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A broad coalition of housing providers committed to working together with policymakers and the Administration to address America’s housing affordability crisis wrote to urge Congress and the Administration to use the opportunity presented by infrastructure legislation to address many aspects of this crisis through impactful, common-sense initiatives. Increasing housing stability for millions of Americans is a worthwhile investment that serves the causes of equity, environmental resiliency, energy efficiency and rebuilding our nation’s critical infrastructure.

Housing is an integral part of our nation’s infrastructure needs. Policymakers at every level of government have a role to play in removing obstacles to housing production and preservation and in addressing the housing affordability challenges that have faced this country for decades.

Across all markets, the supply of housing at a variety of price points will play a vital role in promoting economic growth, attracting, and retaining talent and encouraging household stability for all American families. Using a combination of incentive-based programs, streamlined regulatory burdens and innovative solutions, we stand ready to work with Congress and the Administration to address the housing affordability challenges faced by communities across the nation while making critical investments in infrastructure of all types.