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Reauthorize and Reform National Flood Insurance Program

June 12, 2017

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The Real Estate Roundtable and 14 other industry groups urged Congress to reauthorize and reform the NFIP to help protect the nation’s commercial and multifamily business-owners, their properties, residents and the jobs they create from the financial perils of flooding. 

Under the current NFIP, commercial property flood insurance limits are very low – $500,000 per building and $500,000 for its contents.  Lenders typically require this base NFIP coverage, and commercial owners must purchase Supplemental Excess Flood Insurance for coverage above the NFIP limits. A niche market of carriers typically provides this type of excess coverage. The Roundtable and its coalition partners support NFIP reauthorization with the inclusion of provisions that permit the "commercial exemption." 

The Roundtable has long advocated for a voluntary exemption for mandatory NFIP coverage if commercial property owners have adequate flood coverage.