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U.S. ITC Preliminary Investigation of Fabricated Structural Steel

March 3, 2019

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The Commerce Department has initiated investigations into whether a key material used in major real estate and infrastructure projects – fabricated structural steel (FSS) from Canada, China and Mexico – is being sold in the U.S. for less than fair value.  (Commerce Department announcement, Feb. 26)

The Roundtable on March 4 wrote to the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) urging a cautious approach to the investigation, emphasizing the potential economic harm that new tariffs could cause.  Roundtable President and CEO Jeffrey DeBoer concludes in the letter that “… unless supported by conclusive evidence of unfair dumping or subsidies, I urge you to reject calls for new tariffs on U.S. imports of fabricated structural steel.” 

The letter emphasizes the negative effects of FSS tariffs.  “New duties could have a chilling effect on job creation and productive investment, slowing economic growth and reducing employment in industries directly and indirectly affected by real estate development,” DeBoer states.