Our Mission
The Real Estate Roundtable brings together leaders of the nation’s top publicly-held and privately-owned real estate ownership, development, lending, and management firms with the leaders of major national real estate trade associations to jointly address key national policy issues relating to real estate and the overall economy.
Types of Membership

The Roundtable is open only to chairmen, CEOs, presidents, managing directors (or their functional equivalent) of national, market-leading real estate entities, and to the elected heads of major real estate trade associations. The Roundtable sets the overall policy direction for the organization and emphasizes coordination of advocacy strategies with major real estate trade associations.

Roundtable members are invited to attend all four meetings that are held annually in Washington, D.C.

President's Council

The President's Council is comprised of individuals from leading real estate ownership, financial, management, and advisory entities that are generally more regional in scope. The President's Council focuses on analyzing specific policy issues affecting the economy and the real estate business and developing recommendations for action.

President's Council members are eligible to attend two meetings per year that are open to the entire membership—the State of the Industry and the Annual Meeting.

Membership Roster

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The leaders of the real estate industry, represented by The Real Estate Roundtable, recognize that our sector has an important role to play in advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion within real estate and our supply chain.

Meeting Information

Roundtable and President’s Council members are eligible to attend certain membership meetings attended by the industry’s top-level executives and the nation’s policymakers.

Members can view our upcoming events here.

Industry News

Keep up to date on the latest news and policy developments affecting the industry by receiving a weekly eNewsletter e-mailed directly to you. In addition to Roundtable Weekly, you will also receive other publications such as our Policy Agenda and Annual Report.

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REALPAC: The Real Estate Roundtable's Political Action Committee

REALPAC serves The Roundtable’s mission and work to educate policymakers and the public about real estate and its significance to the economy. REALPAC helps elect candidates who give thoughtful consideration to—and are supportive of—public polices advocated by the real estate community in the national public interest. REALPAC is funded by voluntary contributions from individual members of The Real Estate Roundtable.

Roundtable Chair John F. Fish (Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, SUFFOLK), left, and Jeffrey DeBoer, Roundtable President and CEO
Our Board and Staff

The Roundtable’s Board is elected from our membership and includes four elected leaders representing our national real estate trade organization partners. Our Board, alongside our staff, drive The Roundtable’s mission, and help achieve positive policy outcomes.