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EPA Invites Comments on Proposed Label for Low-Carbon Buildings
February 4, 2023
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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) opened a comment period this week on its proposed ENERGY STAR NextGen certification, a voluntary public-private partnership program that would recognize low-carbon buildings. (EPA’s NextGen webpage)

NextGen Criteria

EPA's NextGen criteria slide

1.)   Demonstrate High Energy Efficiency
Building is ENERGY STAR certified and has a score of “75” or higher on EPA’s rating scale. 

2.)   Renewable Energy Use
Building must obtain at least 30% of the total energy it consumes from renewable sources through any combination of (a) onsite renewable generation, (b) renewable energy certificates (not “offsets”), (c) biofuels or other renewable fuels, or (d) renewable thermal certificates. 

3.)   Onsite Emissions Target
Building must meet a greenhouse gas emissions target unique for its asset class that is also “normalized” by regional weather conditions through a metric known as “heating degree days.” 

Next Steps

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  • Comments are due to EPA by March 2. (Comments Submission Form).

  • SPAC has formed a working group to develop The Roundtable’s comment letter

EPA aims to make ENERGY STAR NextGen certification available in early 2024.

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