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IRS Regulations Clarify Rules for Transferring Energy Tax Credits
April 26, 2024
IRS building in Washington, DC

On Thursday, the IRS issued a package of final regulations on the transferability of tax credits for rooftop solar and other clean energy investments under the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). (Final regulations and IRS news release, April 25)


  • The final rules relate to the transferability of qualifying credits to third-party credit purchasers in the context of partnerships and pass-throughs, as well as potential credit recapture events and penalties for excessive credit transfers. (PoliticoPro, April 25 and Tax Notes, April 26)
  • The ability to transfer clean energy credits allows REITs to participate in the new IRA tax incentive regime. The final regulations address several concerns raised by The Roundtable in its July 2023 comment letter, particularly in the context of REIT investments. For example, the regulations clarify that as-yet-untransferred credits are disregarded for purposes of the REIT 75% asset test.
  • Unfortunately, the final regulations did not reverse the Biden administrationโ€™s prior guidance that generally limits the ability of mixed real estate partnerships (taxable and tax-exempt partners) to maximize their credit benefits through a combination of credit transfers and direct payments.  Mixed partnerships can still claim the new tax credits, but may lose some of the financial value due to the specific tax attributes of the individual partners. 
  • Treasury indicated additional guidance is likely to help taxpayers meet the cumbersome credit registration requirements and ensure taxpayers can qualify for the underlying incentives. The IRS also updated its FAQs on tax credit transfers on April 25.  

The Roundtable's Energy Credit Transferability/Direct Pay Working Group is analyzing the regulations and assessing their impact on CRE.

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