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The Real Estate Information Sharing and Analysis Center (RE-ISAC) - www.reisac.org - is a public-private partnership between the U.S. commercial facilities sector and federal homeland security officials organized by The Real Estate Roundtable in February 2003.  Information sharing - in a systematic and sustained manner - continues to be one of the most effective weapons in protecting the nation's critical infrastructure.  



Through its information sharing network, the RE-ISAC engages in operational efforts to coordinate activities supporting the detection, prevention, and mitigation of a full range of physical, data, and cyber threats to the nation’s critical infrastructure.


The RE-ISAC serves as the primary conduit of terrorism, cyber and natural hazard warning and response information between the government and the commercial facilities sector. The RE-ISAC proactively manages risk and strengthens the security and resilience of the US commercial facilities sector to aid protection and prevention.

The RE-ISAC operates in full compliance with Presidential Policy Directive 21, “Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience” (February 12, 2013), which mandates that the public and private sectors share information about physical and cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities to help protect US critical infrastructure.

The RE-ISAC includes the entire commercial facilities sector critical infrastructure component of the US economy. RE-ISAC members include the principal owners, investors, and managers of commercial facilities in the US.

The RE-ISAC is part of the National Council of ISACs, whose mission is to advance the physical and cyber security of the critical infrastructures of North America by establishing and maintaining a framework for valuable interaction between and among the ISACs and with government.

Through a Cybersecurity Information Sharing and Collaboration Agreement with DHS’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, the RE-ISAC team maintains an on-site presence with the National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center (NCCIC) to conduct joint analytical activities and coordinate cybersecurity analysis and collaborative activities.

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