Roundtable Weekly
The Real Estate Roundtable Denounces Mob Attack On Capitol, Calls for Unity
January 9, 2021

"The Real Estate Roundtable strongly denounces the armed violent protestors, and their baseless election claims, who stormed the U.S. Capitol this week. The mob chaos was contrived to inflict great damage on our democracy. A member of the Capitol Hill police died bravely defending others against the attack. Thankfully, democracy again defeated anarchy.  

"Those involved in plotting, acquiescing or participating in this despicable act are not patriots. They are violent lawbreakers and must be treated as such. This chaotic, seditious mob also could have inflicted serious damage to America’s fight against the deadly pandemic – a crisis that has already taken over 400,000 lives and caused enormous economic hardships.

"As we all continue to work to overcome the challenges of the pandemic we must also unify to make sure that this week’s violence is not repeated. The Real Estate Roundtable pledges to do its part. We commit to supporting efforts to bring about more measured tone and civility in policy debates at all levels of government, and policy actions that are balanced and sustainable. We intend to continue to analyze policy based on its benefit to jobs, community and opportunity. We will continue to work with policymakers representing the full spectrum of political views. However, we do not intend to help advance initiatives proposed by policy makers uninterested in seeking bipartisan consensus," DeBoer said.

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