Cities & Infrastructure

Cities and the commercial real estate industry are at the forefront of a post-pandemic transition centered on return-to-office, commercial property conversions, and the role of infrastructure investment. Public policies that support these issues are crucial to the health of cities and CRE.

Cities house CRE, yet rely on tax revenues generated from property assets to finance first responders, police, schools, healthcare, roads, bridges, mass transit, and other critical services. Commercial property assets also enhance the value of cities by attracting businesses, which provide additional tax funds for municipal services and infrastructure projects. The well-being of America’s communities, businesses, families, and workforce depends on these networks.

The Roundtable supports policies that promote the healthy return of employees to their pre-pandemic workplace practices including return-to-office directives for federal government employees. We also encourage federal and local incentives for converting commercial properties to other uses, including affordable housing. And we support physical infrastructure investments that benefit those who work, live, and recreate in cities.

RER's Spring 2024 Policy Priorities

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Cities & Infrastructure
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