Physical Risks

Commercial real estate faces numerous threats from natural catastrophes, international and domestic terrorism, and organized retail crime. These threats cost businesses, cities, and the economy billions in losses. The Roundtable continues to build a more secure and resilient industry through our Homeland Security Task Force (HSTF) and active role in the Real Estate Information Sharing and Analysis Center (RE-ISAC). 

Our work remains focused on tangible measures—developed through increased cross-agency information sharing and cooperation with law enforcement and intelligence agencies—that the commercial real estate industry can take to guard against these threats. As the nature of threats evolves, The Roundtable will remain a central advocate and conduit of information to ensure the places where our friends, family, and neighbors live, work, shop, and play are safe and secure.


In addition to cyber threats, physical risks to commercial real estate—including an alarming rise in organized retail crime—are a priority of HSTF and the RE-ISAC.


The Roundtable’s HSTF and its important mission evolved in response to tragic September 11th attacks, which affected so many of our members. We pulled together to stand united against the threats attacking our nation, our properties, and way of life.

The HSTF and the RE-ISAC are committed to building resilience, aiding the prevention of future attacks, thwarting criminal activity, responding decisively to natural and man-made disasters, and advancing economic security.

Perhaps most importantly, we continue to forge partnerships with law enforcement and intelligence agencies to strengthen public and private cooperation and solutions to more effectively protect the real estate sector and the people who live, work and shop in our properties.

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