White House Requests Information from Businesses on Their COVID-19 Efforts

The Biden Administration is calling on the private sector to share their unique contributions in combatting the pandemic. In the coming weeks, The White House plans to elevate these examples to show how businesses across the country are doing their part to fight the coronavirus. (New York Times and White House Press Briefing, Feb. 26)

  • For more information, email publicprivatepartnerships@who.eop.gov and provide the name of your organization, location, and 3-5 bullets about your efforts toward defeating the virus. (Download White House document Join Us to Help Defeat COVID-19ย ย for more details).
  • Examples of how commercial real estate owners are offering to open their buildings for COVID-19 testing are provided in a Feb. 24 Bloomberg report (subscription only).
  • The Bloomberg article focuses on the efforts of several companies exploring how to open coronavirus testing centers for the public good. โ€œSL Green Realty Corp. and Rudin Management Co. have expressed interest in offering tests at their buildings. And Vornado Realty Trust and Boston Properties Inc. are among companies that agreed to let the state set up testing centers in select buildings,โ€ according to the article.
  • Companies such as Related Cos. and RXR Realty are noted for having added on-site testing at their properties for returning clients. Roundtable Member and RXR Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Scott Rechler told Blooomberg, โ€œYou think to yourself, as a real estate owner and operator, we need to provide testing to help our tenants.โ€

Roundtable President and CEO Jeffrey DeBoer noted the continuing efforts of Roundtable members in fighting the pandemic. โ€œCommercial real estate owners of buildings small and large have been active in combatting COVID-19 on behalf of their employees, tenants and investors since the early days of the outbreak,โ€ DeBoer said. โ€œThese focused efforts will continue to help Americans in towns and cities throughout the nation until the pandemic is defeated and a sense of normalcy returns to the workplace.โ€ 

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